Grow, Cook , Eat –A North Georgia
Cooking School at Beechwood Inn:

Culinary classes make the perfect gift for that person who has everything and has been everywhere.  You don’t need to be a great cook to enjoy the class.

Learn the secrets of professional cooking.

See our Video about Beechwood Inn and Rabun County’s designation as the “Farm to Table Capital of Georgia”

Local Farms and Ingredients

Kitchen Gardens & Artisan Farming

Beechwood Inn offers Farm to Table Dinners and seeks to reconnect food to its origins and people to their food by serving local, seasonal, and sustainable food for breakfast, at our nightly wine-thirty, and for our Saturday Chef’s Table-Style Dinners. To further enhance our diner’s farm to table experience we operate Grow, Cook, Eat – Culinary Garden, an organic vegetable, herb and edible flower farm in Rabun County. Our Chefs may have sown the seed for your dinner back in March, observed the sprouts coming out of the ground, tended them, admired them as they pulled them from the soil, and finally they put the finishing touches on the whole project by preparing it for your plate.

Our farmers collaborate closely with the kitchen to grow heirloom and native landrace crops, expanding even more the potential for our kitchen to provide an outstanding dining experience. We proudly farm organically, and utilize a broad array of heirloom and native varieties grown in this region for centuries. These landraces create a biodiverse, sustainable and flavorful alternative to everyday foods.

Wild Foods: Wild foods are interesting, offer unusual flavors and textures and they are organic. I think that’s what excites foodies nowadays, and that’s why wild foods are becoming popular again. And the number of Chefs interested in using feral plants is increasing as they look for ways to differentiate their cooking and to add new flavors.  Having one thing on my menu that I can get and you can’t makes dining at Beechwood Inn “Exclusive.”
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 Learn More About Some of Our Local Farms and Gardens

We supplement our own harvests with those of other local family farmers and ranchers that avoid harmful chemicals and practice sustainable agriculture. In our North Georgia Mountains we are fortunate to have a locally grown food distributorship organization that focuses exclusively on farm-to-chef and farm-to-grocery customers.

On their home page they say: All the products you find on this site are produced right here in Rabun, Habersham and adjacent counties. All of the growers are committed to chemical free farming and follow strict standards to ensure that all the vegetables, herbs, milled products, dairy, eggs, meats, flowers, and transplants are produced using sustainable production practices.

Farmer Steve Whiteman’s Famous Organic Micro-Greens

Farmer/Chef Dustin Mentzer – Ohana Farm

Simply Home Grown Farmers’ Market

Osage Farms –

Blue Ridge Honey Company

Hillside Orchards Farms

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